Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LaTonya Jackson

Ms. Jackson has been a JPS teacher for nearly nine years. She currently teaches 6th grade Social Studies-World Geography and Citizenship at Powell Middle School.

Being the daughter of an educator, Ms. Jackson says she was inspired to teach by her mother. "As a child, I spent numerous hours creating activities for lessons with her, observing her provide instruction to her students, as well as being one of her pupils," she says. She also credits other "unforgettable teachers" as her motivation...  "I can honestly say that I had the most exciting and rewarding experiences as a student. These special moments have left powerful memories etched into my mind that I would like to afford my students. From observing my mother in the classroom and my personal education experience, I knew that I was destined to be an educator. I knew that I wanted to provide students with the opportunity to be great."

When asked why does she continues to teach Ms. Jackson passionately says, "Teaching is truly a calling that must be answered by the strong and persistent. Despite any difficulties that may be faced in education, the successful days outweigh the unsuccessful days. I can honestly say that my students are my driving force to continue teaching. Seeing my students, past and present, striving for excellence and doing well is a pleasantly overwhelming experience. This alone constantly refuels my passion to be a facilitator of instruction."


  1. Great job, LS! You are a consummate teacher. She had indeed had a passion for education that has not only motivated her to educate others but to also continually educate herself. I look forward to calling you Doc.

  2. Great job LaTonya!! You are an inspiring individual. Thank you for your service, hard work, and dedication to the high education of our next generation. Your level of success and passion for educating will truly have a positive influence on today's youth and will provide them with guidance and knowledge that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. Thank you for everything you've done and wishing you much success in the future.